Proactive Senior Recipe Formulations


Proactive recipes meant for the otherwise healthy senior dog. Your dog is evaluated as an individual- while dogs technically become seniors at different age brackets depending on their weight range, your dog's specific health and behavior history and patterns help to determine just how "silver" of a senior they are! Recipes may be raw, cooked, or a combination.

Recipe ingredients are determined by what you have available, but I may ask you to look for additional items. I very rarely utilize chicken in formulations. Proactive senior diets often involve the reduction or removal of bones in lieu of calcium supplements; this is to benefit your dog’s health and longevity and is determined on an individual basis. 

While I focus on whole foods, supplements may be required due to certain health concerns and/or ingredient limitations due to sourcing or dietary intolerances. 

All recipes come with: 

  • Daily and batch ingredients of either one, two, or four weeks
  • Detailed instructions on prepping, storing, and feeding your dog's recipe
  • Any applicable notes on ingredient choices
  • Transition guides from any kibble/canned foods for sensitive stomachs
  • Any additional recommended support in the form of nutraceuticals
  • Links to any necessary supplements
  • Two weeks of e-mail support

Please note that the following common senior health concerns are not considered proactive, and will require a therapeutic recipe:

  • Moderate to severe arthritis
  • Chronic kidney disease at any stage
  • Weight management with a required loss or gain of over 10 lbs.
  • Elevated liver or kidney enzymes on bloodwork

Cost of proactive SENIOR NRC recipes:

i am currently accepting new senior clients on a limited basis. Please contact me for scheduling!

Premade grinds that are labeled as “whole prey” or “80/10/10” cannot be utilized in precise recipe formulations unless the company is able to provide nutritional analyses for their products. There are no exceptions to this for seniors.