Frequently Asked Questions


Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about fresh diets, custom recipes, and Fed to Thrive operations.

Fresh food diets offer numerous benefits that you simply can’t find with commercially available diets. They are custom made for your dog, taking into consideration your dog’s breed, age, weight, sex, health history, intact/neuter status, activity level, any participation in canine sports, and more. Recipes are tailored to you, the owner, as well- your budget, time or storage constraints, and ingredient availability/limitations will all play a role in how your recipe is created. 

Because ratio diets by design do not take nutrient requirements into consideration, I do not offer any traditional ratio diet formulations. However, I do offer adjusted PMR+ recipes that take into consideration prey model ratios and ancestral diet concepts that are blended with established nutritional standards. Your dog’s nutritional needs are still met, while maintaining certain common “guidelines” of ratio diets.

I utilize fresh, whole food ingredients whenever possible: Muscle meat, organ meat, raw meaty bones, seafood, eggs, whole grains, seeds, sea vegetation, grasses, fruits, and vegetables. 

Yes! Being limited to only local grocery stories or online suppliers does not mean that you would be unable to provide your dog a healthy, balanced diet.  

Absolutely. Limited ingredient diets aren’t just for kibble companies! Unless the food allergies are very severe, excluding problem items is usually not difficult. If necessary, Fed to Thrive can help you determine any true food intolerance or allergy that your dog may have through an elimination diet.  

I am currently not formulating for puppies. If you are looking for professional recipe building for a puppy, I recommend SoCal Raw Fed Dogs or Houndstooth Nutrition

Individual recipes can be built to NRC 2006 or FEDIAF 2018 nutritional standards. Commercial recipes can be built to AAFCO 2019 or FEDIAF 2018 nutritional standards. 

Supplements may be required in your recipe for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons are limited ingredient selection/difficulty of ingredient sourcing; food intolerances that limit acceptable protein sources and/or ingredients; and health conditions that warrant additional supplementation for optimal support. 

Yes and no. I include raw meaty bones when appropriate, but leave them out when appropriate, too. Clients can also opt-out of raw meaty bones altogether- they are not required for nutritional balance. Calcium supplementation will be used in their absence. 

Generally speaking, single proactive recipes can be turned around in 12 business days. Orders involving multiple recipes or multiple dogs can take longer. Therapeutic recipes typically take 18-21 business days. 

Please e-mail me! Depending on the type of adjustment, it will either be done within that work week, or on the following Saturday. 

Yes! To date, I have had clients located in Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and India!  

Absolutely. Having a care team that is on the same page can be very important!

It depends. If the dogs are all very similar in health, activity level, and age, then a pack recipe may be an option for you. If the dogs vary greatly in activity level, weight (obese versus very underweight, for instance), health conditions, and/or age, then individual recipes may be best. Please feel free to e-mail me and we can discuss the best way to feed your pack! 

Technically speaking, a dog can eat the same single recipe longterm without developing nutritional deficiencies. However, variance in ingredients can provide more excitement for your dog (and for you, if you enjoy showing off your dog’s bowls!) and a change in non-essential but beneficial compounds that vary from ingredient to ingredient (this is especially true of phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables)!