Commercial Formulations

Fresh food is the fastest growing sector in the pet food market.

The fresh feeding community is always in need of conscientious companies who utilize fresh, nourishing ingredients to offer truly complete and balanced premade food and recipes. More and more often, owners are making sure that the products that they are feeding their dogs are meeting established nutritional standards. Utilizing FEDIAF 2018, NRC 2006, or AAFCO 2019 standards, I work with companies to ensure that the products they are delivering to the public not only look good in the bowl, but also provide ideal nutrition.

Commercial projects I offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Analysis of current recipes against the nutritional standard(s) of your choice- useful for the customer interested in knowing precisely what nutrients your company is providing their pet
  • Creation of custom recipes for your company, thoughtfully formulated with the whole food ingredients your customers love
  • E-mail or phone consultations regarding questions about formulation, nutrient guidelines, etc. to help answer your questions for your team

Commercial projects are tailored precisely to to each company. Individual quotes will be determined based upon your company’s needs and budget. Please contact me via email at to discuss commercial formulation, analyses, and consultations.

Commercial recipe analyses include documentation of analyses compared to the nutritional standard of the client’s choice. Additional instruction, recommendations, and formulation information falls outside the scope of an analysis. Recipe reformulations, or consultations involving recommendations to carry out in-house formulations, can be purchased separately.

Custom recipe formulations include recipes, nutritional analyses, and information regarding ingredient selection.