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At Fed to Thrive, I understand that for many pet parents, food is love. Indeed, there are few things as satisfying for me as an owner than to know that, every day, I am providing my dogs with a nutritious diet that supports them from the inside out. Yet we must also be sure that we are not just feeding with love- we are also feeding with science

By utilizing the current science in companion animal nutrition, we can assess and combine ingredients to provide an optimal diet. Using primarily whole food ingredients your dog will love from sources you can trust, my recipes take into account your dog’s unique needs to tailor not just the macronutrient profile and energy sources, but also the balance of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids; antioxidant support; soluble and/or insoluble fiber levels; beneficial phytonutrient support; and even breed-specific issues. Whether you have a performance/working dog or a couch potato, personalized recipes allow for precise nutrition to support your dog through every stage of life. 

When we combine fresh, nourishing ingredients with nutritional knowledge, we aren’t just feeding for love; we’re feeding for longevity, vitality, and health. A dog shouldn’t be fed to live. A dog should be Fed to Thrive.



Benefits of homemade diets:

• Allow control over ingredient quality • Are unprocessed • Are highly digestible • Can use locally sourced, fresh ingredients • Use nutrition as the foundation of your dog's health

Your dog may experience:

• A shinier, softer coat • Increased energy • Whiter teeth & fresher breath •Improvement in allergy-related symptoms such as thinning fur, hotspots, & itching • Healthier digestive system • An overall improvement in wellness

custom fed to thrive recipes:

• Are created to meet your dog's nutritional requirements based on a wide variety of factors • Will address your dog's unique needs • Offer total nutritional balance • Give you peace of mind • Can be modified to fit your budget & ingredient availability • Use fresh ingredients from suppliers you may already use and trust, such as My Pet Carnivore or Hare Today

Fresh food: the purest form of medicine, nourishment, and love.